Request for Proposals
Broadband Expansion in the Nantahala Township

The County of Macon, North Carolina, seeks proposals from qualified internet service providers to deploy and operate a high-speed fiber to the premises network within Nantahala Township. The County will enter into a procurement contract to subsidize a portion of the infrastructure and connection costs.

The project defined in this Request for Proposals is the first part of a three-phase plan to bring high-speed internet service to Nantahala Township and is referred to as Nantahala Phase 1. The goal of this initial phase is to establish fiber infrastructure in the primary population corridors of the Township in and around Nantahala Lake within one (1) year that will be used to connect five County facilities. The County will enter into a procurement contract to pay for the deployment cost of this fiber infrastructure and facility connections.

The County also desires that the fiber deployed during this phase will ultimately be used to provide high-speed internet service to residences and businesses during subsequent project phases.

Download a PDF copy of the Nantahala Township RFP v2

What changed in Version 2 of the RFP?


RFP Schedule

January 23, 2023 RFP Release RFP Posted for general public release. Potential providers notified.
February 3, 2023 RFP Intent to Respond Providers are requested to inform Macon County of their intent to respond
March 17, 2023 RFP Deadline to Reponse Deadline for proposal submission to Macon County.



Please direct all inquiries and communication concerning this RFP to the following dedicated email address:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Proposal Submission

Per applicable NC statutes, all proposals received by the County must be enclosed in a sealed envelope and either delivered by hand, USPS, or other courier to the address below. The County requests both a printed copy of the proposal and an electronic copy of all proposal elements contained on a USB FLASH drive.

Macon County Finance Department
Attention: Ms. Lindsay Leopard
5 West Main Street
Franklin, North Carolina 28734 


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