Balsam West Selected as Primary Provider

After a several months of meetings, reviews, and discussion with 5 different prospective service providers, Little T Broadband is pleased to announce that we have selected Balsam West as the primary provider in response to LTBS-RFP-040119. Balsam West in conjunction with Haywood EMC, will work with LTBS to implement the Otto pilot network and then continue through Scaly Mountain. Both of the Otto and Scaly projects lie within the Haywood EMC service area.

Over the next several weeks the three companies will develop formal agreements and create a detailed network design for the Tessentee and Scaly areas. We anticipate this network to be implemented predominantly as fiber to the home or premises with some fixed wireless delivery where necessary.

Many thanks to all of the companies that provided their well thought-out proposals in response to LTBS-RFP-041019, and took their time to meet and discuss the project with us in detail.