LittleT Needs You!

As many of you know, Little T Broadband Services is working with its partners to develop new internet service in the Otto and Scaly Mountain communities. Unfortunately this is a long and expensive process. To make this a reality, we need to compile some information about our area to better understand the present need, and to help qualify for grant funding.

One way to help understand the need for high-speed service in our area is to find out who is interested in receiving it. We need to hear from members of our communities to develop a more accurate picture of who wants service, and in what types of service residents are interested.

The other way to understand the need in our area is to learn what type and quality of existing service residents and businesses are receiving today. To qualify for many types of federal and state grant funding, our area must be under-served, receiving less than 25Mbps DS / 3 MBps US, and in other cases receiving less than 10Mbps DS / 1 MBps US. Though some existing service information is available from the FCC, this is often inaccurate and indicates much higher rates of service than residents are actually receiving.

To help Little T better assess the community need, we are conducting our own survey. Though there have been regional surveys conducted in the past, much of this information was incomplete and not sufficient for our work. We encourage you to help us gather this information by responding. If you live in the Otto or Scaly Mountain area, please take the survey here.

Many thanks to all of our supporters.

How To Take This Survey

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