Nantahala Township Broadband Expansion RFP Release

Jeff Lee, LittleT Broadband

We are pleased to announce that Macon County in partnership with LittleT Broadband has released a Request For Proposals (RFP) to promote broadband expansion in the Nantahala Township. The Nantahala Township is a remote area in the northwest corner of Macon County surrounding Nantahala Lake. Residences and businesses in this area currently have no access to high-speed internet.

Like the South Macon areas of Otto and Scaly Mountain (Smithbridge and Flats Townships), the Nantahala Township is in need of some broadband infrastructure to allow expansion to homes and businesses in the area. Macon County is seeking proposals from qualified internet service providers to begin development of this needed infrastructure.

Read more about the Nantahala RFP here.