Sept 10th Macon County Commissioner Meeting

Little T Broadband Services (LTBS) is making a formal request of the Macon County Commissioners to provide funding which will support early stage development of our Otto / Scaly Phase 1. This phase forms the pilot for further deployment throughout the Otto Community and Macon County. Additional information regarding LTBS deployment plans will be published on or about September 12th.

Deep Dive Meetings Completed

The LTBS team has completed deep dive meetings with all providers that submitted proposals for RFP LTBS-RFP-040119. These meetings were intended to explore each provider's proposal in detail to help better understand the proposal in addition to the provider's background and capabilities.

We are now moving into further discussions of the cost and logistics that will be required to implement the initial pilot network in the Tessentee service area.

IRS 501c3 Designation Received

After a long wait, Little T Broadband Services, Inc. has received official recognition from the IRS as a 501c3 non-profit organization.

Though LTBS was incorporated and filed paperwork with the IRS at the end of 2018, it apparently takes the IRS a while to process requests. We have been told the IRS only updates the official list on their website quarterly. So, eventually we may actually be listed.

Call for Grant Writers

LTBS has officially posted a request for professional grant writers. We are interested in contracting professional grant writers with experience in developing public and private grant application submissions for broadband or telecommunications.

If you are an interested grant writer or know someone who may be able to help, please contact Tony Deakins via the Contact Us form on this website.

Scaly Mountain added to LTBS Plan

After meeting with Macon County officials and members of the Scaly Mountain community, Little T Broadband has agreed to include the Scaly Mountain community in the the planning and scope of our development efforts. We are excited to have the Scaly Mountain community join our project.

The Scaly Mountain Community Association has formed a board of advisors that will work closely with LTBS to help with planning and community communications.

RFP Submittal Period Has Closed

The RFP proposal sumibmittal period for LTBS-RFP-040119 is now closed. Thank you to all service providers and development companies that have submitted proposals.

During the coming month we will be meeting with prospective service providers to take a deep dive into their propsals.

RFP Release

We are very pleased to release our Request for Proposals (RFP) to the general vendor and service provider community. Looking forward to responses from all interested providers and operators.

If you are interested in reading the RFP, click HERE to download a copy.